The inaugural International Longevity Policy and Governance Summit will provide a dedicated and efficient platform for facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue with a variety of relevant organisations and stakeholders, including Government and state-level organisations related to healthy longevity, preventive medicine, science, technology, healthcare policy, finance (including both executive branches of Governments and regional representatives of citizens and society) from all over the world.

The First World Forum on
International Longevity Policy and Governance


Longevity International UK is proud to be launching the world’s first international, cross-border, cross-sector summit on the current state of International Longevity Policy and Governance as part of London Longevity Week 2019, establishing a dedicated forum that brings together policy experts, representatives of government bodies, departments, healthcare and finance ministries, executives of healthcare and financial corporations to discuss international Government-led Longevity development, to network with like-minded professionals and organizations, and to work toward establishing effective and actionable collaborative initiatives.

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